It’s time to start talking about Sexually Transmitted Infections with your partner(s).

Dating during the pandemic was certainly risky business; especially at the height of transmission season in winter when you were relegated to sitting in a plastic tent-like structure decked in a hat, gloves, and coat shivering as you tried to decide if this date was worth the comfort of your…

Do you have realistic or impractical expectations from your partner?

Non-monogamous relationships are a unique and sometimes challenging enigma to navigate.

When I first met my boyfriend online, both of us were eager to chat, Skype, and ultimately meet so that we could spend time getting to know each other after months of lockdown from the pandemic.

After searching for…

Pizza tonight? That wasn’t all that was on the menu.

Pizza tonight?

Definitely. Where? When?

Yeah, I’m starving! Where and when are guys free?

Boys, let’s do my place. 7 PM. You bring the pizza and beer.

Darcy threw her phone back into her purse and looked at the clock on the cubicle wall. 4:39. Only twenty more minutes until…

Some pandemic memories are worth forgetting.

The last year has not been good to some of us. We have tried to weather the storm caused by the COVID-19 pandemic by cautiously and optimistically navigating a new and unknown world of dating during these so-called “unprecedented times.”

Subsequently, we have tried to maintain some semblance of normalcy…

What happens when your experience level doesn’t match your partner’s?

I put on my dating profile that I am a writer. Naturally, my potential dates will ask me what I write about.

“My experiences with sex and relationships” is what I tell them.

This always turns out to be a great conversation starter because it seems to really intrigue people…

M. Howard

Mother. Wife. Friend. Lover. Self. All of them at once and sometimes none at all. I write to explore relationships and to help make sense of the world.

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